Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Michele Girolami,  Italian National Council of Research,

michele.girolami [at]

  • Maria Fazio, University of Messina, Italy

mfazio [at]

Steering Committee Chair

  • Antonio Corradi, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Luca Foschini, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Massimo Villari,University of Messina, Italy
  • Burak Kantarci, Clarkson University, USA

Publicity Chair

  • Dario Russo, Italian National Council of Research

Technical Program Committee (to be confirmed)

  • Dr. Zeeshan PERVEZ University of the West of Scotland
  • Dr. Khaled Boussetta University of Paris 13
  • Dr. Javier Cubo University of Malaga
  • Dr. Zeeshan Pervez University of the West of Scotland
  • Dr. Paolo Barsocchi, ISTI-CNR
  • Dr. Vasos Vassiliou University of Cyprus
  • Prof. Mario Dantas, UFSC
  • Dr. Francesco Potortì, ISTI-CNR
  • Mr. Alessandro Lulli
  • Prof. Stefano Chessa, University of Pisa
  • Dr. Filippo Palumbo, ISTI-CNR
  • Antonino Crivello, ISTI-CNR and University of Siena